About The Storms Network

The Storms Network is an Austin-based company specializing in the fusion of crowdsourcing, e-commerce and social networking technologies. GuruStorms is our business site that helps you use these technologies to help turn questions, challenges and obstacles into real solutions, all by using the power of online collaboration.


GuruStorms is a new consulting site that provides business experts to act as on-demand advisors for your venture. Our Gurus can help you strategize, do deep-dives, address critical needs, and overcome obstacles to your success, all online and in just a few days time.


NetworkStorms is our new social networking platform that lets you tap into the collaborative potential of your online friends, followers and colleagues. On NetworkStorms, you pose the questions, and your social network helps you generate ideas, solve problems, and create new opportunities.


PeopleStorms is our site for fast and easy collaboration with a worldwide community of creative thinkers. Whenever you want to engage a large, diverse online crowd, PeopleStorms is the place to do it: our People will provide great answers to your questions in just 24 hours, and for as little as $4.95 plus rewards.

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